Whether you want to be part of the all-girls theater group that performs in the local theater group or to become a professional actor on the theater screen, the Theater Arts Program at PCC is going to give you the necessary pre-actor artistic training to pursue a successful career and education in Theater Arts. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality educational programs for people of all ages and walks of life. This program is committed to developing talent and developing community goodwill. Their goal is to make sure that each member of the theater arts community has a strong desire to develop their talent so that they can pursue careers in the performing arts.

In order to qualify for the Theatre Arts Program at PCC, you must be a US citizen, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Other prerequisites may include being committed to the pursuit of a college degree, good grades, and a commitment to pursue a career as an actor/actress in the performing arts. You will also be required to fill out a comprehensive application, as they will also be conducting interviews to select individuals to receive this wonderful opportunity. Once you complete your application, you will be contacted by PCC’s performing arts division, and you will be sent information regarding your audition, as well as instructions on how to prepare for it.

Theatre Arts is committed to using its experience and expertise in order to provide its students the best experience possible. Students who complete their training are awarded theatre credits that they can submit to their schools or submit to trade shows as proof of their studying. Students who successfully complete the Theatre Arts Program at PCC are also encouraged to develop strong leadership skills and a passion for the performing arts. They will learn to face their fears of applying to graduate school, how to succeed in the theater arts field, how to attract an audience, and how to maintain professional and personal balance throughout their entire theater career.

A Theatre Arts undergraduate studies program prepares students to hone their writing abilities and to write theater scripts. Students are given many writing works to read and engage with in order to help them develop their creativity. During their first year, students will take intensive writing workshops in the field of drama, screenwriting, non-fiction, creative writing, poetry, and music, as well as study design and technical aspects of the performing arts. In addition, students will also engage in internships in local New York theaters. After completing their courses in the performing arts program, students will be given an opportunity to work in on-campus dramas, corporate training, and one or two off-site production positions.

A Theatre Arts undergraduate studies program also allows students to specialize in either the drama or the stage management area. Students who choose to specialize in either area must complete a minimum of five years of college courses in order to earn a degree. An example of a required course is Communications Management. Those who wish to become managers must first enroll in an overview of basic business principles followed by a four-year degree in business, commerce, communication, and political science. A drama major will spend three years learning the art of stage management, while a stage management major will learn acting, directing, and multi-media production and design.

A Stage Management major will learn the technical aspects of acting, directing, and multi-media production and design. They will perform workshops and seminars on these topics and gain experience through internships in local theaters. After graduation, students will take an exam to qualify for state licensure in this category. Upon state licensure, they will be able to apply for jobs in the New York City Department of Theater and Film; the Manhattan School of Drama; the Dramatists Guild; and the American Academy of Stagewriters and Theatre Owners.

If an arts student is also interested in ballet or tap dance, both activities require very specific styles of dress and movement. An example of these styles is the Renaissance and Baroque styles of dance. Students interested in a career in this field will need a degree in either Costume Design or Pattern Making as well as a dancing minor. There are also opportunities for stage management and dancing performance in both of these disciplines.

Students can also choose to major in reading, writing, and creative writing, which are included in the performing arts. A major in English will allow students to develop skills in literature, screenwriting, and poetry. Students may also choose to major in journalism, which includes television reporting, film directing, music video, or news reporting. For those interested in performing arts as a career, degrees in Theatre Management, Acting, Design, Music, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, and Broadcast Journalism are available.