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Music is a fascinating art form, and a sizzling hot deluxe, whose most basic medium is sound, that is transmitted through a musical instrument or the human voice. General definitions of music have become blurred over the years, with the development of more specific and technical terms. In general, music can be classified as formal or informal, rhythmic or melodic, rhythmic and melodic, or non-rhythmic, where rhythmic involves the interweaving of beats in music. Different types of music can emphasize, diminish, or even omit any of the above elements.

Musical instruments and sounds are used to convey messages, but there are many other things that can be included in the music spectrum. Some examples include songs, dance forms, dance movements, and theatrical presentations.

The most important category of music is instrumental. This includes all musical instruments used for making sounds, including drums, brass, woodwinds, wind instruments, cymbals, trumpets, trombones, piano, etc. This category covers all kinds of genres, from jazz to classical and beyond.

Categories of the form of instrumental include chamber, folk, rock, blues, pop, jazz, gospel, pop, country, jazz, blues, gospel, metal, classical, and world. Most of the popular music in the US was created in one of the categories. Jazz, for example, originated in New Orleans.

Another popular genre is classical. This covers classical music. The term classical typically refers to classical, Romantic, or Baroque period music. Classical music has a wide range of genres, from works by Mozart and Beethoven to works by William Shakespeare.

Jazz is also one of the most popular categories, because it includes the works of Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, B.B.King, Miles Davis, and others. The term jazz refers to a variety of styles and eras, including ragtime, gospel, boogie woogie, rock n' roll, swing, boogie-woogie, jazz and more. Jazz can be grouped in various categories, such as blues, gospel, hip hop, rock n' roll, rumba, R&B, jazz, Latin, etc.

There are also numerous types of musical literature, including books, newspapers, magazines, audio recordings, radio, etc. that contain descriptions and examples of various forms of musical composition. As an artist, you will be able to choose the type of work you enjoy the most, based on your personality and style. In general, classical music appeals to some artists, while classical music appeals to others.

When deciding on which genre of music you would like to compose, make sure to choose something you're familiar with. It will help you when getting feedback from the various people who work on your music, especially if you're trying to get signed by a label. If you have a sound that is similar to another genre of music, your chances of getting signed will increase dramatically.

Some of the most popular genres are rock, blues, country, jazz, blues-rock, gospel, and many more. These types of music are commonly covered in many films, television programs, and books. In fact, these are some of the most popular music genres in the world. In addition to these popular music genres, there are also many categories such as blues, reggae, pop, fusion, jazz, disco, and many more. A complete list of popular music genres can be found online.

There are many different forms of music that can appeal to different kinds of people. You may be interested in listening to music that is unique or difficult. For example, jazz is an extremely challenging genre, because it's a mixture of many different genres and styles.

It's a challenge because it can be very personal and expressive, while easy because it can be enjoyable. Jazz is an excellent choice for those who want to listen to new sounds that haven't been heard before.

Jazz is also a great hobby. The best part about this music is that it's easy to learn and enjoy. Even if you have a hard time playing the instrument, you'll be able to learn the basic chords and notes in jazz, and be able to play songs that other people will enjoy.

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About Us

It has been said that learning to play the Native American Flute can change your life

When John Vames discovered the sound of the Native American Flute in 1998 he started a crusade to spread the Word!  As a Music Educator he was impressed not only with the sounds of Native American music, but with how easy it was to learn to play. He quickly incorporated it into his teaching curriculum at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona to include Native American Flute lessons.  What came out of that was the writing of his first Book, "The Native American Flute: Understanding the GIft".  At the time a flute fever was spreading across the country and there wasn't an understandable and friendly text to help people learn... Now, over 50,000 books later it is the most respected How-to Book on the planet for learning to play this beautiful Native American Instrument.  John Vames left us in July 2010 but his teachings, books, and music go on.   

Thank you John Vames

The Sound of the Native Flute helps both the Player and the Listener

Imagine yourself entertaining your friends and family and sharing this beautiful music. What is so encouraging is that almost anyone regardless of prior musical experience can learn to play in a short time. Unlike piano and guitar that require years of study,  this  Native  instrument is low tech. All you need to do is cover the tone holes  and with a steady stream of air breathe into the flute. It is your breath that will give the wood life. The sound is enjoyed by the listener and a relaxation will spread over you because of your deep breathing.  It is no wonder that the Native American Flute is used  to soothe and heal in helping professions by hospice nurses and musical therapists, and spiritual healers.

A Song in Your Heart

 That's all you need to start playing.  Of course you need a promise to yourself to achieve your new goal of adding music to your life.  A little practice will go  a long way in learning the simple basics presented in John's books.   I guarantee that  if you spend some quiet time each day with your new friend you will  be rewarded. 

EVERYTHING you need to get started is right here:

  • An AWARD WINNING how-to Book: "The Native American Flute:  Understanding the Gift" Volume 1 by John Vames
  • An interactive 39 track Audio CD demonstrating lessons  on the printed page and narrated by John
  • Well tuned and affordable authentic Native American Flutes in keys of A-MINOR  and F#-MINOR crafted by Navajo Jonah Thompson. Your choice of Animal Fetish
  • A soft Native Design Fleece Flute Bag