Radio Social Featured On Food Network For Their Duck Wings

Anything you purchase through links on our site may earn us a commission. To provide parents with all of the information they need to help them and their kids get “out and about” to fantastic opportunities for fun, education, and cultural enrichment in our area. We started at the bar, which is centrally situated in the main dining area at the front of the building. A curated cocktail list, beers and wine are all available. I chose the New Balance cocktail ($10), which was summer in an old-fashioned glass.

“I used to go bowling every week freshman year at that seedy place on Jefferson because it was cheap and something fun to do,” Stockman said. While Radio Social can be a fun experience, part of bowling’s appeal is its affordability. Morganstern says taking these measures was crucial as both bowling alleys and bar-like restaurants are under a deal of scrutiny for being higher-risk spots for spreading the virus. On top of structural changes, the alley is adhering to state guidelines, which include separate lanes, and mask requirements.

Urban revitalization is a great goal, but is it really revitalization when large swaths of the city aren’t included? While it might be unrealistic given the operation costs of a business involved in food service, affordability remains Radio Social’s one major shortcoming. The drink selection also comes with surprises. While you can still get a cheap beer to accompany your strikes, Radio Social has a surprisingly well-rounded selection of wine and cocktails, many with a distinct Mediterranean vibe. I don’t know what kind of a person sips Arak between rounds of bowling, but whoever he may be, Radio Social caters to his needs. But Radio Social is also splitting time between being both a bowling alley and a restaurant, which comes with its own requirements.

While that might sound pretentious, it’s also kind of true. For starters, people have to stay seated, and when they place and receive an order, the experience is now digital by way of QR code scanning at every individual table and bowling lane. Tables are also freely spread out through its 42,000 square foot facility and an additional 2500 square foot tent outside.

They need to give atleast a 1/2 hr gap between party bookings so they can have time to clean the area & accomodate. Owner Dan Morgenstern decided to reincarnate his former business, Clover Lanes, in a new direction by turning the business into an urban social experience and destination. Chuck Cerankosky, co-owner of Good Luck and Cure directs food and drink. Rosé, Le Restaurant February 28, 2021 Projects Shared, homemade gourmet cuisines enjoyed in good company is the focal point at restaurant Rosé. Now that bowling alleys are allowed to reopen, Radio Social opened Friday with new social distancing rules, including temperature checks at the door, the use of every other bowling lane, and keeping the arcade shut down. Located in Rochester’s historical Stromberg-Carlson warehouse, Radio Social is an entertainment and event venue featuring a variety of gaming and dining options.

While Radio Social was constructed as a successor to — and retains the same management as — the classic bowling alley Clover Lanes, there is quite the difference between the two establishments. While Clover Lanes was your everyday bowling alley, Radio Social has diversified into something more complex — and something that’s harder to easily summarize. Radio Social styles itself as a modern urban social club.